Yisha is an Internet celebrity, and often expresses some personal opinions on popular social events. I was most impressed by the vocalization of the fat cat incident and the vocalization of the Jiang Ping incident, especially the sound of the Jiang Ping incident. When social celebrities and elites were surrounding Jiang Ping with unnecessary speculation, Yisha supported Jiang Ping, which made some so -called elite people feel very uncomfortable, hiring the water army to discredit this net red.

Due to a certain incident, Phoenix.com's approach was overwhelmed, and it seemed to have been ridiculed by Yisha. Today, Phoenix.com also tried to discredit the net red through the topic of national hatred, saying that his account was blocked because of incitement of national hatred. At the beginning, I believed it, so I tried to search for the WeChat video number, and found that it was completely the opposite of reporting from Phoenix.com. This has further added the credibility of Phoenix.com.

I am no stranger to Phoenix.com, but I am not optimistic about this Phoenix.com. It not only always does the traffic, but also lacks the wind bones. It even shows the ingenious side of the websites that I run.

I remember that when the media was just emerging, Phoenix.com also joined, but after the so -called Phoenix was open to the outside world, it seemed that some accounts did some accounts. Drop, so I think this kind of behavior is a hooligan behavior. In response to many incidents in China and foreign countries, Phoenix.com is often biased towards foreign countries, while the capital power is humble, and the bones are removed from the cold. Therefore, then I rarely read any news on Phoenix.com, and its website values ​​have always had problems. Perhaps its essence is not patriotic.

Of course, except for the above, it has no pattern. Once who finds that he is not good, he will think of various revenge, just like a noiner without culture, always remember hatred. I will get a gynecological disease.

The vast majority of Chinese netizens are also very small about Phoenix.com. In many events, the values ​​standing team issues, the comment areas almost all think that it has more animal properties. Of course, the above only represents my point of view, which is a perception on the basis of long -term contact with its content and cultural color.

As an unknown writer, my article may be difficult to be discovered by it. It is difficult for me to be its traffic topic. Objectively speaking, the country's recently introduced policy of extremist ethnic hatred is the correct decision. However, Phoenix.com does not use it to correctly interpret educating others, but to attack and discredit a positive net red, which is a bit unwilling.

A pity happened not long ago. There was a non -culture big man who attacked a pair of Japanese mother and son. Chinese women came forward to protect the Japanese mother and son, but unfortunately this hero died of serious injuries.

I think that the Japanese mother and son who attacked people without iron is not a good man, and it is no different from the women's daughter -in -law who killed the handless iron when they invaded China in that year. At this level of evil, their background color is the same.

For this Chinese woman who came forward, I think she is very brave and praise. She used her life to interpret the kindness against brutality.

However, I don't say that we should be different from all Japanese people. I just do not recognize the brutal behavior of men who do not recognize this incident. China has been insulted by the powers since modern times, especially the most brutal aggression in Japan in Japan. Many innocent Chinese people have died under their guns, especially the Nanjing Massacre is the most fierce. The people with resistance have become the object of the massacre, which is inhumane.

We know the cruelty of war, so we love peace, which requires to release goodwill. If it is only unilaterally released, and the other side is always evil, such peace must not be maintained for a long time.

However, there are many media on the Internet. They often take contexts and extreme interpretations to attack, and people who do not know the truth will inspire emotions. There are not many really conscience media today. More two extreme interpretations, please please traffic people and obtain capital income.

Some self -media people and some media often rely on manufacturing attacks to brush their sense of presence and obtain traffic, so as to achieve the purpose of human blood buns. There are more and more speculators in culture. They have lost the most basic values. Seeing people speak people, and ghosts speak ghosts. Although its soul is divided, the bloody buns who have obtained can not only eat full meals, but also When you can live an extravagant and extravagant life, morality and conscience have become the garbage that scoffs.

When the domestic corporate agricultural family minence, even Zhongzheng could not tell himself, Phoenix.com once wrote articles that have no quality level in their official name. There is no persuasion in these pile of text. It has always been emphasized that others are here to attack Nongfu Spring. He chooses to ignore the problems of farmers' own existence. It's like a tumor with a person's face. Everyone said that there was a tumor on this person's face, but Phoenix.com jumped out and said that someone must have intentionally attacked. So when the article came out, the comment area was almost 100 % confronted with it. It really took the stone to smash his feet, and he had to lose it. Maybe his original intention is thinking about traffic, but it is not written well, and there is no factual persuasion, but is the heat passed? Isn't it a waste? So it came out of disgusting netizens. As a result, the sense of existence was that it was brushed, but there was no good review.

Of course, there is no good controversy with such cultural sister -in -law. The reason why this article writes this article today is based on the enthusiasm of justice. I hope that there are more sunlight and bright on the Internet, more stance based on the beautiful values ​​of human nature, and less kitsch -free leather dogs.

China's basic position has not changed, and the core values ​​of socialism have not changed. Those who tried to interpret policies to confuse the unscrupulous self -media and media. The more fierce you call, the more clear the ugly face.

I think that the Internet celebrity should be killed by a stick. It should be different from those who are positive, which are controversial and disputes. They should be affirmed by positive energy, and there is a natural platform supervision for disputes. However, a clown suddenly jumped out, and there were few good -looking fans in their own, trying to obtain traffic by solving and attacking others. What is the difference between a pet that is not educated?

However, fortunately, most netizens have the values ​​of righteous thoughts. They are indeed easy to be misled before they do not understand the truth, but they will eventually know the truth of specific things, so that they hate those media people who create false truths. Essence Although I am not a celebrity, the influence of things I write is very limited, but it is also a very meaningful thing to speak for justice. I wish every reader who can do this article, and the thoughts are for his thoughts.

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