It is now nearly ten in the evening, and I just sit in front of the computer and prepare to start today's writing.

Three hours of time forward, I stepped on the stool and flipped through the shelf in the storage room. I didn't find the Geely Ding films I bought before. Tomorrow, the big niece will come to the house, and we have to make coconut mango jelly together.

In the process of looking for, my anger rose again, watching all kinds of ingredients that were opened and unopened on the shelf, and stacked on the plastic storage racks purchased by my father before and outside. Some ingredients were before. I have n’t seen it, and I have never seen it. The topic of not having ingredients is old -fashioned, and the current situation is only more out of control than before.

My emotions were also out of control. I jumped off the stool heavily and roared "ah". My parents were in my bedroom, my mobile phone opened loudly, and I didn't hear my "lion roar", so I ran to their room and loudly. Say "I can't find anything, don't buy it anymore!" No matter whether they understand or understand, I walked out of their room quickly, went back to my bedroom to change clothes, and went to Hema to buy Geely Ding films.

I changed my clothes and returned to the kitchen again. After checking the drawer again, I still didn't find it. On the road, I tried my best to focus on the moment, but I still couldn't help thinking of my anger for myself yesterday. It seems that this is about to form a belief, but I know that this card is not because I moved out, it seems that I still have to return to it. Find the reason for myself, but my mind can't stop. I asked myself why I want to fight? Why can't I accept a messy environment? Fighting will only make it worse.

Hema's shopping belongs to the theme of the theme. After getting Geely Ding films, we bought green vegetables and mushrooms tomorrow. In addition, we all love to eat foie gras.

The door of my parents' rooms has been closed. It is estimated that I have taken a bath and prepared to finish my mobile phone to sleep. I went out because of hot weather and bad emotions. After entering the refrigerator, I saw that there was an extra rod on the door of the kitchen. There were a few pairs of ugly sleeve sleeves, two pairs of silicone gloves, and three apron. Do you have to show this? My anger was clicked again. I quickly took off these "ugly things" and threw them into the trash can. This process ignited my fighting spirit. The debris on the high and low rods was cleaned up. After the transformation of my dad, this place covered an IKEA curtain cloth on it, and it became a debris.

I cleaned up three bags of debris from it, did not think about it into the garbage bag, and then went downstairs and put it in the trash can. During the process of going downstairs, I remembered that whenever I wanted to throw it away I have reminded myself to respect my parents' space, but today, I break my own principle. I know that there is a long -term fire in my heart. It's all ordered.

After I finished this, I took another garbage bag to clean up the miscellaneous objects in the bathroom, cleaned the ground, and then took a bath for myself. After writing these, I can feel that my emotions have not been released all, my back is sore, and my chest is a bit blocked, but I do n’t regret all this tonight I do. At the same time There is a positive conflict with parents.

I can only pray for my inner wisdom so that I can communicate with my parents with my parents well tomorrow. At the same time, I can only continue to wait for the key manifestation of this card point, so that I can have a strategy of surpassing. The "thunder" I buried can only be cleaned one by one. The deeper buried, the more kung fu, I write here, I feel that I have relaxed.

grateful! I am doing something difficult for me before -facing my emotions and not judging myself. At the same time, such a record will also help me to detect myself deeper. I hope that I can have a future in the near future. Discovery.

Repair! I accept everything I am. I believe that every revealing is to draw out the inner wisdom, so that I know myself more, and get closer to my inner life. I hope that every passersby can keep walking on this road! mutual encouragement!

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