In the eyes of many people, hardship is working hard, hardship is staying up late, not being lazy. In fact, this is not really difficult, a person can truly endure hardship if they focus their time and effort on what they want to do for their own goals, dare to give up everything that makes them comfortable and happy, and then work diligently to the end in life. If you do not actively endure challenges, you will passively bear the burden of great failures.

If you do not actively endure hardship, you will passively bear the difficulties of life. Enduring hardship is also a step towards success, anyone who can endure the four types of hardships below will have a increasingly prosperous life without worrying about poverty.

1. The hardship of thinking to break through perception

Warren Buffet often spends time doing nothing, just sitting and thinking, honing his thinking skills and reflection is the first step of change. When reflecting on oneself, you will evaluate your satisfaction with your education, work, and current life. When you realize that your level of dissatisfaction exceeds a certain natural threshold, the desire to change will arise. This is the motivation to find ways to elevate yourself to a new level, such as reading more books, cultivating a new hobby, learning a new language, obtaining new certifications, changing to a new job, etc.

Thinking is actually a process of making choices, the important thing is not to be afraid of making choices, not to fear change. When you stand in front of a wall, you will find it very high, but when you are on top of the wall, you will find it not difficult to overcome. The following story will make us reflect. Hoa graduated from a top university to work in a city with a monthly salary ranging from 10 to 12 million dong. She worked diligently every day, but after deducting expenses, she saved very little money. Life made Hoa unable to see the future, so she was very worried about how to improve her work skills. How to find a place in big cities?

After careful consideration, Hoa realized that her busy job was repetitive and did not bring high value. When she understood the current situation, she began to have a clearer plan for the future. Through relentless diligence, she received a scholarship for a master's program at a prestigious university. After graduating, she worked at a large company with a salary of over 20 million dong. Many people in life fall into repetitive jobs, thinking it is very difficult but not very effective. Only when we have good thinking and synthesis skills can we escape from fixed thinking and avoid futile efforts. Not enduring mental hardship will lead to enduring the hardships of life. Those who do not apply their minds will easily lose themselves in internal chaos and conflicts.

2. The hardship of discipline to avoid mediocrity

In life, luck never falls from the sky. Behind the success you see is the perseverance that people around you are striving for day after day. Many people admire the appearance and success of others, admire their success and fame. But after knowing the hard self-discipline and almost cruel self-management behind, they quickly retreat and live in a loose manner. If you think freedom is doing whatever you want, then later discover that when you discipline yourself, you will truly have freedom.

When a person lacks self-discipline, the things he does will be influenced by inertia, habits, and temporary inspirations, or will be influenced by the thoughts of others, almost unable to do what he truly desires. Philosopher Ken lives very disciplined, he once shared that how you live your life is your decision. He built a specific and serious work and rest schedule for himself. For many years, he operated like a high-precision machine that never changed. In the morning from 9 to 12:45 is the time he dedicates to writing activities and he never procrastinates. This disciplined happiness has helped him excel and create famous works. After a busy working day, Ken spends exactly 3:30 in the afternoon going out for a walk, at the same time the church bell rings.

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, Ken's self-discipline is too harsh, even a form of self-torture, but this extremely disciplined life has helped him achieve great results in his work. Ken said that self-discipline makes us different, it makes us live at a higher level and brings freedom to our lives. Only when a person endures enough self-discipline can they avoid their own mediocrity.

3. The hardship of loneliness will accumulate strength

There is a principle that wherever there are high mountains, there are deep valleys, while flat plains mean everything around is flat. Life is the same, to excel in a field, you must sacrifice something else somewhere. Therefore, those who succeed in their careers must sacrifice certain things. Shark Nguyen Xuan Phu, chairman of the board of directors of Sunhouse, explained to us in a recent exchange simply that each person has 24 hours a day, but how they use it differently.

For example, if a person spends one hour each for family, one hour for sports, one hour for studying, everything they do will not stand out, but conversely, if they want to excel in sports, they will have to focus for 10 hours a day, meaning they will lose time for other things. I think life is fair, those who want harmony will not reach the peak, those who want to reach the peak must accept shortcomings, that is normal and it is the choice of each person. Shark Phu recalled the time when he started his business, his mind was always focused on work, with little time for entertainment, sharing, and fun.

Even when Sunhouse had a firm position in the market, he was still entangled in other aspects of work, there were times when he went to meet clients all week without returning home to have dinner with his family. On busy days, when he returned home early, the house was empty, missing this person and that person. At that time, he clearly felt something missing and lonely.

After graduating, Buffet became a private stock investor and spent most of his time alone in the office. Besides work, he had almost no social activities. Regarding this issue, his wife Susan commented, "Buffet is a genius and geniuses are lonely and independent." After becoming famous, Buffet left the bustling city of New York and returned to the remote town of Omaha. The biggest advantage of living in Omaha is that no one visits frequently.

Buffet teaches to be punctual every day and spends a lot of time reading news, financial reports, and books, giving up common entertainment, enduring loneliness, and maintaining lifelong learning are Buffet's secrets to wealth. There is a very good saying "loneliness makes people learn to think rationally and makes people more independent. The strong must experience loneliness." There are too many people in the world who want to become strong and wealthy, but most end up failing because they cannot endure loneliness.

4. The hardship of injury to make the heart stronger

Little Truong is a salesperson who often becomes nervous when meeting customers. Faced with unfamiliar customers, he dare not look them in the eye, even stutters and cannot speak fluently, his palms and shirt are soaked in sweat. Of course, the result of the negotiation is failure. Later, Little Truong asked for opinions from his colleagues about sales tips, he realized the biggest difference between himself and his colleagues is that when communicating with customers, he becomes shy, self-conscious, and fearful, damaging his self-esteem.

It turns out that being too concerned about appearance and not expressing his demands well is the reason for Little Truong's failure. After finding the key, Little Truong reminded himself that every time he faces a customer, there is nothing to be ashamed of, even if he fails, I will not lose anything. Thanks to this secret, Little Truong has become the best salesperson in the company, promoted to head of the sales department.

People truly become strong not when they protect their self-esteem, but when they let go of their self-esteem at the right time. The weaker a person is, the stronger their self-esteem is. Only those who truly mature dare to let go of their ego and live comfortably, they understand that the true value of a person comes from a strong and steadfast heart.

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