In that hot summer, Mr. Xie met with each other in 2019 and fell in love with him warmly at me. When the shoelaces are loose, I can help me with a lace and hand it over when I am tired. I naively thought he would always be good to me. As a result, I was a love brain (what he said on the Internet), and when he was on vacation, he took me to various cities to disperse. On the road, I told me to pay attention to the vehicles that come and go. When you are unhappy, you will make me happy. Crossing the road will remind me to hold my hand to cross the road. After two years, he changed, and he had no topic to talk with him. Parents said that those who could not marry decided to marry that they could not marry, but to marry him to marry him in May 2022 decided to go to his hometown county to the Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for a marriage certificate without ritual, no relatives and friends to bless us! He looked reluctant to register with me to get married, and I was even more unwilling to marry him. When he found that there was a child in his stomach, he would only dislike me. After marriage, I only said one or two sentences. My parents started cooking breakfast early and let him take him to work. I think I can rent water and electricity while working with my children, and food costs, etc. I can't rely on him alone. He feels that he is under pressure. I occasionally say: If you are under pressure, you will not marry your wife and have a child. Men and women are gentle and gentle in their family. They are beautiful and handsome. But how much has the impact of divorce on the child. Now getting a divorce and re -freedom. Wait for the child to grow up. I also invest in my colleagues in the workplace to communicate

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