Renew the previous article, and the book was connected. I also see that the manager who is responsible for the water bar, daily, put Litun's small yellow pot, fall into the large box specially put in tea, and then hold the tea powder with both hands and mix the tea powder evenly. Use Litton's small yellow pot to cook tea. After returning, buy the same food and packing at home, and compare it according to a certain tea, and brew it according to the water bar master, but when the cooked tea soup was cooked at that time In a certain proportion, add black and white milk, and according to my own personal taste to proper sugar, the entrance is not amazing. Dedicated ~ ""

Until the water bar is not enough to remember the amount of cup, he mixed the man in the floor to help cook the milk tea. Of course, this person is not me, but Gao Mei Amin. Fortunately, Amin is Jiangmen Kaiping, and according to his ancestral plan, I am from Jiangmen Taishan. I heard it clearly, I have passed the water every round, and I have seen her operation. As you ask the Taishan dialect, she will reflect the condition to answer me in Kaiping. Fifteen minutes pulled tea again. During the rest period, when I was with the house, I would like to try the takeaway.

At that time, the well -known brand in Guangzhou, of course, refers to the tea shop that specializes in Hong Kong -style milk tea and lemon tea. It was founded by Yang Zhibin Ben. In the international competition, he did not win the championship, but eventually won the international gold championship. In those years, the publicity on the short video platform was indeed hot, claiming that the Guangzhou West Lake Road General Store used the champion milk tea and championship as a selling point. Combining coffee and adding an appropriate amount of sugar and milk), it was sold to 99 mosquitoes a cup ~ Even if I restrict my purchasing power at that time, his most ordinary and most representative product, I really really I'm so interested in trying. My family lives in Henan, Guangzhou, so I ordered the takeaway in Tongfu, the west of Jiangnan.

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