Today, the highest temperature is 35 degrees. Everyone has become a steamed bun in a steamer. It is fumigated by the heat waves. It is really hot and unbearable. In this cool summer, the first choice of food is the winter melon that clear the heat and heat, so we choose to drive lunch to this "Winter Cooking Winter Gourd Cup Shop" in this Foshan Guicheng.

Thirty minutes of drive, it was arrived soon. A group of five people and friends walked into this three -storey winter melon cup shop.

Although the environment is not very luxurious, it is also clean and comfortable. There are a lot of large winter melon stacked on the door side of the first floor. It seems that the business is good. There is a large freezer next to the elevator. The cabinet reads "free to eat". Each of them takes a snow bar to cool down the body, and then walk into the elevator to "" on the third floor.

There was almost no seat on the third floor. I found a large square table. The sofa was surrounded by four -quarters. It was very comfortable to sit on. A large stainless steel pot has been placed on the desktop induction cooker. The pot is a winter melon with meat. The winter melon cup is cut into lace, and it is covered with a three -centimeter thick winter melon on it. When you put the ingredients and roll slowly, it is a delicious winter melon cup.

Ordering is a set of ingredients, including a set of sea cucumber abalone, oyster, fish and chickens, and chicken stone swallows, gum, liver bacteria, and a lot of shark fins, and there are many models, which are not listed here. The price is more expensive, the most expensive, and the cheapest is more than 100. We ordered a set of more than two hundred yuan, not enough to order other.

Put all the abalone chicken pieces of the clams and sea cucumber shrimp in the cup, roll slowly, and the aroma gradually floats out. Bite a bite of the shop who claims to be the chicken king's farm chicken nuggets. The ligament is slippery. I usually do n’t eat chicken skin. I feel so fat, but the chicken skin of this farmhouse is so cool, ordered some ginger juice. Sea cucumber is also crispy. In short, all kinds of ingredients are rolling in the winter melon cup, bringing their own taste to the extreme. After a big rush, the waiter comes to take the knife and faces the inner shell of the winter melon. The melon meat is cut off, and then the melon meat and the ingredients are constantly rolling in the cup ... In this cool and comfortable environment, drink this bowl of all kinds of delicious mixed summer soup. back.

Come and cook the special chicken miscellaneous claypot rice. It is only nineteen in a large pot. Finally, the bill is 323 yuan, which is great value. come back next time.

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